Otago Computing Inc.

We're a consultancy based in Calgary, Alberta, enhancing our client’s inter-team understanding through technical writing, diagramming and dashboarding, constructing knowledge architectures, and providing managed documentation frameworks. Our specialization is in enterprise-scale Information Technology, and we work to bind the diverse view of the developers, operations teams, and leadership together with a common language so they can focus on their goals with a clear vision of their environment.

Those who do not make time for documentation, must make time for disaster recovery.

Technical Writing

Technical / Procedural Guides

We can help you produce any form of technical documentation, whether it is procedural, visual, informative, high-level, or drawn directly from source code.

No matter if it is a single guide or a syllabus of material for a large department, whether it is targeted at the technical teams or the leadership looking to better understand what it is they currently run, this has been our bread and butter for twenty years.

Knowledge Transfer Packages

Rolling a large project out? We can help by working with the project teams to capture their working knowledge in defined collections, easily passed over to the operations teams.

Make your transition to operations smooth and hit the ground running with full documentation in place. Don't wait for a failure a year later to find that the documentation doesn't exist and the installers have all moved on.

Roadmaps and Strategy

If you're wondering how to get from here to there - how a large IT infrastructure needs to evolve to meet your forecasted challenges - how to turn the battleship, in other words, we can help.

We can conceptualize your current state in a graphical roadmap, and help you plot and schedule the changes to people, processes, and technology that need to occur.

These graphical charts are fully updateable to keep them rolling along with your plans as the milestones tick by.

Knowledge Architectures

If you need more than a stenographer, more than an artist or diagrammer, and more than an experience technical writer, then get the whole package: we can start from napkins and construct a full Knowledge Architecture that holds all your documentation, the records management rules around it, the manner in which planning and projects transition into operations, and more.

We use interactive dashboards to track progress on projects, wall-sized infographics to set department goals and strategies, and animated presentations to help staff understand the flow of data in complex environments.

Managed Documentation Environments

For large departments that are tired of rewriting their documentation every few years, and whom cannot find what they're looking for in an emergency, when on-boarding new staff, or when the auditors come calling - we have developed techniques to manage document environments and the tools to allow you to view the activity in glance and access anything with a click.

View your entire documentation taxonomy on a single page: what's falling out of date, what's not complete. Review a checklist of the documents that need attention. Keep your document framework clean and uncluttered. Manage the retirement of old documentation. View the trends of activity and spot areas that need to increase their focus on maintaining their knowledge.

The company's knowledge belongs to your company - don't let it walk out the door.
About Otago

Our Name

Otago is the name of the southernmost province of New Zealand. A Maori name meaning "place of red ochre".

We didn't know that. Instead, in a story by Joseph Conrad - A Smile of Fortune - a young captain on his first command rests at harbour in Mauritius, hoping for the best in trade, and praising his ship as the vessel to his dreams.

Not mentioned in the story is the ship's name. But Conrad was captain of only one ship in his career, and he sailed it to Mauritius. It was the Otago.

When incorporating, we shunned the Micro/Tech/Compu labels that seemed prevalent and instead, constructed a vessel to chase our dreams: our Otago.

Currently Servicing

We are currently working in, or have direct experince supporting these industries:
  • Heath Care
  • Oil & Gas
  • Technology
  • Arts & Education
  • Conferences & Festivals
  • Hospitality

Contact Us

For inquiries, contact Jerry Auld (jerry@otago.ca).

Alternately, you can contact Marcia Delves, our senior editor and site manager, at marcia@otago.ca.

If you are a resource who can contribute to our efforts, please email us at jobs@otago.ca and attach a resume.

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