:: Technical Writing and Knowledge Capture

We can help you produce any form of technical documentation: procedural, visual, informative, high-level, or directly from source code.

  • Capture your company's knowledge to keep it from walking out the door.
  • Ensure your staff are finding your core procedures, and not creating them, during an emergency.
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel, level of detail, and confidence in your operations, by standardizing your documentation.
  • Provide your documentation in a variety of accessible formats, but hold only one source for easy tracking and updates.

:: Scenario: your lead of operations is leaving and they don't want to tell you how it all works

Are your technical experts holding your company's operations in their heads? We have 25 years of experience capturing knowledge, sometime from subject matter experts who do not want to divulge it because they see that as their property and security. But it rightfully belongs to your company and in the event of someone leaving, you can't afford to leave a gap in your business and invent that role all over again.

We can capture and verify your processes into a set of Run Books and Build Guides from the sparest materials. We can even extract the processes from undocumented computer code.

:: Scenario: your systems have evolved over many years of organic growth and without explanation

Commonly, computer systems tend to grow over time to reflect a changing business. This includes more storage space, more applications, and more integrations. There comes a time when a server has completed its lifespan but can't be turned off for fear of damaging something. There is no complete understanding of what is running on it or what is dependant on it.

We can analyse and reverse engineer your infrastructure, providing you with a map of what you do have and a plan of how to migrate to reduce dependencies.